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  My Rat Terriers  
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  Buster and Sonny Prima  
Did You Know?

Flag of Italy The idea for Rebel Heart came to me while listening to the song "Santa Fe" by Jon Bon Jovi from The Young Guns CD.

Flag of Italy My favorite holiday is Christmas, complete with five themed trees; a collection of nutcrackers, Old World Santas, and angels (not cherubs); and a 10'x 5' village that takes me three solid days to put up.

Flag of Italy My favorite color is blue; I don't like pastel colors; my house is decorated in several themes, the main theme a mixture of Old World, fleur-de-lys and gargoyles.

Flag of Italy Foreign Exchange was based on my stay in Italy in 1970 when I lived with my dad's brother, an Italian air force general. The day before I was to fly home, my plane was destroyed on the tarmac, allegedly by the Red Brigade terrorist group.

Flag of Italy My favorite Italian foods are ravioli, rigatoni and cannoli. I love Mexican food, very mild only. My favorite sweets are cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream, not necessarily in that order.

Flag of Italy I'm a soccer fanatic! I especially LOVE the Italian National Team.

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